Low Footprint in Lome

Today is Tuesday, March 23rd 2021, and I finally made a decision to reduce my footprint here in Lome. Why, you may ask. After much consideration and internal discussions, I decided it would be better to not have many personal effects here in Lome. The reasons for my decision are many, but one of the main reason is that my mom is always giving me a hard time when I am requesting that I change my room by reducing the size of the bed, getting rid of the large closet and installing a smaller custom made closet. By doing this, this would have given me some additional space to add a workbench for my "Electronics, Drawing and Other Creatives" Lab. As well giving me an opportunity to add a small exercise area. She doesn't want any changes to be made to my dad's room and I understand. I know I am a guest so I have decided to pack light. I will, however, stay no longer than 2 months at a time. My trips will be 2 months in Lome and 1 month home. For summer, I will be home for 2 months. No exceptions.

Below are my personal effects here in Lome: